Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What is Funny as Tech? Funny as Tech is a NYC-based monthly live panel show and weekly podcast that tackles the thorniest issues in tech! It is co-hosted & co-created by David Ryan Polgar (Tech Ethicist) and Joe Leonardo (Comedian).


  • When did Funny as Tech start? The first show was held on June 2, 2017 at the Peoples Improv Theater.


  • Why tech and comedy? We believe that comedy is a great vehicle to broaden the conversation around our tech use. Our tagline is: our relationship with tech is messy...let's discuss!


  • What topics have you discussed? Trolls, diversity of tech, the future of work, the future of conversation, the future of the internet, tech addiction, cryptocurrency, and more!


  • Where is Funny as Tech held? We have monthly live panels shows at the Peoples Improv Theater (123 E. 24th Street, NYC). Our studio interviews (weekly) take place at Grand Central Tech.

  • Do you perform outside of NYC? YES! We recently did a road show in Hartford, CT and have an upcoming performance at TNW Conference in Amsterdam! Please contact us to setup additional shows.


  • Are your live panel shows taped? YES. All of the live panel shows are taped for podcast. In addition, we often film the live panel shows.


  • How big are the panels? We aim for a diverse range of experts and a panel of three.

  • Can I call in to the podcast? YES! If you have any questions/comments regarding anything you hear on our podcast feel free to text or leave us a message at (646) 687-6309 and you might be featured on a future episode!

  • Who produces the podcast? Our very own Joe Leonardo! Joe handles all of the production, editing, engineering and in-studio and live show setup for Funny As Tech.



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